As the library can issue each camera several times every day, we are unable to guarantee that batteries will be charged.

However, we do provide power supplies with each camera, so that the camera can be powered by the mains power, or the person using the equipment can charge the battery themselves. 

Recently, we've noticed that the Standard Cameras are a little quirky when it comes to charging the battery, so please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the supplied battery is situated securely in back of the camera 
  2. Plug the power supply in to the wall
  3. Open the Camera's display panel and press the On/Off button. The light at the back of the camera should go solid yellow.
  4.  Press the On/Off button again. The light at the back of the camera will go to solid red - this indicates that the battery is charging.
  5. Wait for a length of time to give the battery time to charge.