The library offers self service booking of equipment for one overnight period, however, we are aware that sometimes there are cases that require longer durations with equipment. 

Requests for more time with equipment are considered on a case by case basis. If you'd like to request items for a longer duration please follow these steps (copied from the AV/IT policy):

When usage allows, equipment can be borrowed for a longer period, at the discretion of the AV/IT Advisor (or Head of Library and Archive in the case of annual leave, illness or no one in post).
a. Requests for equipment for longer than one overnight period must be received by the AV/IT Advisor ( in writing no later than 5 working days before the equipment is required clearly stating:
i. What items are requested, e.g. 1 x Standard Video Camera,
ii. The reasons for their use, e.g. to record a conference,
iii. The reason(s) why they can’t be borrowed for just one overnight period at a time, e.g. it’s in Liverpool over 3 days,
iv. The date range the equipment is required for, e.g. 21st -28th October. 
b. Due to the limited amount of equipment available, outside of vacation times, there will likely only ever be a maximum of one item from each “category” of equipment (e.g. video cameras, laptops, stills camera, etc.) available for longer-term loan, so you are urged to arrange longer term loans as early as possible.