We strongly encourage you to encode any videos that you want to upload to eStream as h264 mp4 video files. This type of file will play on most devices (mobile phones, tablets and computers), and is a good compromise between file size and quality. 

How to make an mp4 h264 file?

Most video editing software packages will allow you export/save/share your completed video as an h264 mp4 video file, please try searching the internet for your editing software + h264 export, and you should find details of how to do this. 

If you have a pre-existing video file that you'd like to convert to h264, we highly recommend the free Handbrake software (free, Mac/Windows/Linux) which you can download from https://handbrake.fr/. Just click the "Source" button to select your file, adjust the "Destination" to where you'd like the h264 file to be saved and click "Start" (the default settings will normally be absolutely fine - although feel free to change these if required!).