Required: You must have the Isadora USB Stick from Laban Library, and a Apple Mac computer

  1. Go to download, and then install the drivers for the USB driver
  2. Download and install Isadora 2.x from (ensure you select Macintosh (for Platform) and Yes to I have a USB Key)
  3. Once installed, insert the USB drive and run Isadora.
  4. Click Edit (from the top taskbar) -> Register, and click ok on the licence window that opens.
  5. Go to (you will need to log in to Moodle) and copy the licence. Paste it into the Isadora licence window.

You can now use the full version of Isadora whenever you have the USB stick inserted.

Please be very careful with the USB Drive as if you lose it or damage it, we will have to charge you for a new Isadora licence, which currently costs hundreds of pounds.