1. Log in to the online Equipment booking system (help on this is available here)
  2. Use the calendar icon to select the Friday/Saturday on which you'd like to start the booking.
  3. On the row that relates to the item you'd like to borrow, click in the appropriate column that relates to the time you'd like to pick up the equipment
  4. In the new booking window that appears check that the time you want the booking to start is correct, use the "Add/Remove Equipment" link to add any additional items.
  5. Click in the "End" date box - and select the Sunday that relates to the weekend you'd like to borrow the equipment over. 
  6. Click on the Confirm button, and once a confirmation message appears on screen, your booking is confirmed (if it comes up with an error message, take note of what it says and alter your booking accordingly). 
Please ensure that the equipment is returned to security in the Laban building during the building's opening hours over the weekend, or on Monday morning before 9:00am. If you would like to borrow equipment for a longer period, please use the New Support ticket link above or email avsupport@trinitylaban.ac.uk with details of the equipment you need, and reasons why you'd like an extended loan.