You must have completed the online Production Health and Safety course

You must place the booking atleast 24 hours before you want to pick up the equipment

There is now an interactive Walkthrough available on the booking system. Log into the booking system and click on the button (in the bottom right of the screen) that says "Show me how...".

1. Log in to the online booking system (help on how to do this is available by clicking here)

2. Select Booking Schedule -> Create a Booking from the top menu bar

3. Hover over the blue icon next to where it says Laban Library Equipment and select Production Equipment

4. Use the calendar icon to select the day you would like to book equipment

5. Click in the appropriate vacant time slot (column) of the equipment (row) you'd like to borrow 

6. Use the Add/Remove Equipment link to select any other items you'd like to include in your booking

addremove equipment.png

7. Add all appropriate/necessary cables/stands via the Add link next to accessories, and write in the number of each item you'd like. Once finished adding cables/stands, click the Done button.

8. When you are happy that the booking contains all of the equipment you require, click the Create button. 

9. Your booking will be reviewed and you may get an email asking you to amend it. You should also receive an email confirming the equipment is ready to pick up.

Fo help on choosing which cables you require, please visit this article.