Where possible, please refer to your Course specific instructions, which should be included on the Moodle course page, but can also be found in by clicking this link to our Specific course instructions' section. 

You should also try to ensure that the video is saved as a H264 mp4 file - see this article for further instruction on creating video files for eStream.

This guide assumes you are using a desktop PC or laptop to upload, if you are uploading from a tablet or mobile please visit our uploading to eStream on mobile devices article (coming soon).

1. Log in to eStream at http://video.trinitylaban.ac.uk

2. Select Create ­> Upload Video

3. Click on the link, and browse to the file you want to upload, or drag and drop your file to this area. 

4. Deselect the “Use file name for title” tickbox

Enter in the title field: Your Course Title - Module Code - Your Name

Select Student Submission from the Type dropdown

Enter the details of your recordings in the description text area (eg. My Untitled Film, Dancer: Bob Jones) along with any additional details such as cast, musicians, etc.  

Scroll down and select the Course from the appropriate Programme options

select 2015/16 from Academic Year 

select “Dance Only” or "Music Only" from the Faculty Limitations

On the right hand side of the window (under “Options”)

Ensure that under Options it says: “Student Submissions

Select the “Copy Only” option

Click Confirm.

5. Click the Start Upload button. 

6. Once the video has fully uploaded, click on the icon in the top right hand corner of the screen (it should say your name/username). Then click on My Home.

7. Click on the blue search button, and then the link/name of your recording (it should be at the top of the list if you’ve only uploaded one video)

9. Click on the Share button, and then Share by Web Link


10. Copy the link in the box and paste into a document that you can upload to Moodle as your assessment, or alternatively and if agreed with them, email the link to your tutor directly.