All you need to do this, is the correct cable! 

Use the Cable Help tool on the Online Booking system to find out which cable you need (currently, you'd want Cable #14 - a HDMI (Mini) to Standard HDMI). Plug the correct (smaller) end of the cable into the camera, and then the other end into a HDMI socket on the Projector or TV that you want to use show the feed.

Cameras are set up to output the icons from the camera, which you may want to remove from the feed, to do this:

  1. With the camera on, press the Menu button on the touchscreen display (it looks like a house and should be in the top left of the touchscreen);
  2. Select the "other settings" menu
  3. Select the middle tab of the menu (it looks a little like a mixing desk)
  4. Select "Output Onscreen Displays" and press the "Off" option.