Most equipment is only available for one overnight period (we class a weekend as an overnight period, as long as the equipment is returned by 9am on the Monday morning (or next day the library is open if there's a bank holiday or library closure). 

The means you can:

  • Book a camera from 9am one day and return it just before the library closes the following day,
  • or from any time on a Friday, and return it first thing (9am) on the Monday morning (or hand in to security at any point over the weekend). 

If the library is not open when you want to hand something back in, please give it to Security at the Laban building, who will lock it up until the library next opens (they will not let you have it back though once you've given it to them). 

The only items of equipment that can be borrowed for longer periods of time are External Hard Drives, which can be reserved for up to 2 weeks at a time. 

In certain circumstances, and if you give us more than 5 working days' notice, we may be able to allow you longer with certain items of equipment, however we can't guarantee it. If you need equipment for longer, please see the article on Borrowing Equipment for a longer duration.